Traci Campion, COTA

Divine Savior Hospital
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Occupational Therapy


Associate of Applied Arts- Occupational Therapy Assistant


Divine Savior Hospital
Inpatient Rehab Services


“It is here that I get to assist someone each day to believe in themselves again, and gain back their independence. It is not as easy as it sounds for my patients.”
-Traci Campion, COTA

Traci has worked at Divine Savior Healthcare for twenty years.  She started her career here in long term care.  She has worked in Homecare, and now provides Occupational Therapy to patients in our In-Patient Hospital setting.   Traci also enjoys her role co-teaching Joint Journey Classes, for patients who are getting hip and knee replacements.

Traci earned her Associate of Applied Arts as an Occupational Therapy Assistant, after attending Madison College, and is certified by the National Board of Occupational Therapy.

It was her caring attitude that inspired her to enter, and win, the 2010 Wisconsin Healthcare Pride Program essay contest.

“If you look and listen closely to these people you can see some of yourself looking back,” Traci wrote. “Sometimes it’s hard to remember that my patients were once my age, with young families, jobs and hopes and dreams for the future. If you listen closely enough though, you can hear history first hand, get advice for all areas of life, and hear the greatest love stories ever told. Where else can you have that privilege? Each day I try to make everyone smile, because a good joke can make healing less painful. I listen closely and find that my patients wish to still be themselves even though life may have handed them a stroke or they lost a leg. There is hard work, tears, and triumph on their part. When someone falls and breaks a hip, sometimes that is not the only thing broken in them. There is pride gained back with dressing themselves, walking again, and going home with adaptations. My patients have taught me the meaning of strength, dignity, and that sense of self that is timeless.”

Traci feels that the most rewarding part of her career is helping patients to reach their independence again.

When she is not at Divine Savior Healthcare, Traci enjoys reading, etching glass and spending time with her family.

“My grandpa told me ‘Don’t worry, it won’t change a thing,’” Traci says. “That was some good advice.”