Maja Beyer, DPT

Divine Savior Wellness Center
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Physical Therapy


Carroll University; B.S. in Exercise Science, Doctorate of Physical Therapy


Divine Savior Wellness Center
2815 New Pinery Rd, Portage


“My mom is a Physical Therapist working in Pediatrics and she was a huge encouragement into helping me decide the best fit for me. I saw how happy she was helping others to heal and improve and always seemed to be positive about it. I saw how much she enjoyed her career and wanted to feel that as well and I feel that I have found something that does that for me." - Maja Beyer DPT, CMTPT

Maja Beyer grew up in Oregon, Wisconsin, a small town like Portage where Beyer says if something went wrong you knew someone would be there to help.  That is part of the close-kit feeling she enjoys about working in a small town.

She believes it is important to exceed a patient's expectations when it comes to working with them and really getting to know them as people.

"By really listening and remembering what patients tell me not only about their pain, but also what they did over the weekend or on a vacation they had."

Beyer is certified in Dry Needling, a treatment option newly offered by Divine Savior's rehab department.

"I am certified in dry needling and am excited to have accomplished that as I feel this is a great tool to use as it has been very helpful and beneficial to patients."

Beyer is excited to be a part of a staff that is rooted in teamwork and is truly dedicated to the services it provides.

*Dry Needling Clinician
What is Dry Needling?