Kelly Beier, PA-C

Divine Savior Hospital
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Urgent Care



Divine Savior Hospital
Suite 1800, Urgent Care Entrance


"I get to use my training and experience to come up with a unique care plan for each person I meet that is sick or injured. I love medical science and being able to tailor it to apply to each individuals needs."

— Kelly Beier, PA-C


As a mother of young twins, Urgent Care Physician Assistant Kelly Beier knows how stressful it can be to be a parent with a sick or injured child. "Since having twins in 2012, I relate well to mothers and families, especially ones with small children. I try to go above and beyond by taking my time with parents to make sure all their questions and concerns are addressed. Having sick children is one of the most stressful and anxiety-provoking aspects of parenthood and I want parents to go home feeling empowered and comfortable with their child's plan of care."

Growing up in Muskego, a city three times the size of Portage, Kelly notes a few similarities, but claims a particular fondness for Portage. Notably, because she feels it has an undeniable historic charm. "I really enjoy the small town community hospital feel and the quaintness of Portage. I have never been a big city girl and enjoy country living and a more relaxed pace."

When she is not tending to patients, Kelly is trying her hand at country living. "I will be raising backyard chickens for the first time this spring and hopefully planting a vegetable garden."

She also enjoys camping and spending time with her husband and two kids.