Dr. Angela Moreau, M.D.

Divine Savior Hospital
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Emergency Medicine


Medical School
LSU Health Science Center


Divine Savior Hospital
Suite 1800, Emergency Entrance


Earning patient trust is what Emergency Medicine physicians like Dr. Angela Moreau consider vital to providing compassionate care during critical moments in her patients' lives. Dr. Moreau remarks, "As Emergency physicians, we have to earn trust in a short time frame but we can ultimately make the decisions that can improve or positively impact our patient's lives forever. I am thankful for the training that has allowed me to touch lives in that way and blessed to have been given the opportunity to be able to do so."

Dr. Moreau joins Divine Savior's Emergency Medicine team with a Doctorate in Medicine from the Louisiana State University Health Science Center in New Orleans.

When asked what motivated her to pursue a career in medicine, she credits her husband and parents as being the greatest sources of motivation and encouragement. "My role models are definitely my parents. They came to this country with very little money, an incredible work ethic, and a head full of dreams."

While she's certainly achieved a great deal in her profession, Dr. Moreau counts her marriage and her daughter as her proudest accomplishment. She chose Portage because of its "Midwestern feel" and its genuine, friendly people. It echoes to also why she chose Divine Savior Healthcare to practice Emergency Medicine.

"Divine Savior provides quality healthcare to a smaller, close-knit community. It has built up a solid reputation and has earned the trust and respect of the people of Portage, "Moreau says. "Patients know that when they enter the doors of Divine Savior Hospital they will receive compassionate care from knowledgeable and professional staff."

In her off time, Dr. Moreau enjoys all things food (cooking, eating, and just talking about food!), running, and international travel.