Darcy Steinhorst, PA-C

Divine Savior Portage Clinic
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Family Medicine


University of Wisconsin-Madison Physician Assistant Program


Divine Savior Portage Clinic
2817 New Pinery Road Suite 110


"I feel that even with the time constraints within our schedules, I am still able to take the time to truly listen to the concerns from the patient and address them accordingly."

— Darcy Steinhorst, PA-C


Darcy Steinhorst has been with Divine Savior Healthcare since her graduation from the University of Wisconsin- Madison Physician Assistant Program in 2004. One of her Family Practice rotations was done right here in our clinic as well, alongside two of Divine Savior Healthcare's physicians.

"I grew up in Poynette, just south of Portage," Darcy tells us. "For me this is really still home. It is nice to be able to work close to where I grew up as I enjoy the more rural setting."

After exposure to her mom as a microbiologist and her aunt as a physical therapist, Darcy was inspired to work in the field of medicine. As for the location of Divine Savior Healthcare, that worked in perfectly with her future plans. "This is home to me," Darcy said. "I love that I can work and live where my family is as well."

Currently, Darcy can be found in Divine Savior Healthcare's clinic area, practicing alongside our talented family physicians. "It is rewarding to know that just by doing our job we can impact people's lives in such positive ways. It is always an awesome feeling when you are able to make somebody feel better or improve their quality of life through providing healthcare," she says.

Darcy truly believes in Divine Savior Healthcare and the contributions that we make to our community. "It's great that Divine Savior Healthcare is able to offer specialty services within the rural community. With its own specialty providers and the number of outreach physicians that come to Portage from Madison, Divine Savior Healthcare is able to provide better access to healthcare services that are needed by the community," Darcy says.

Outside of work, Darcy's biggest hobby is her three children. Despite the amount of time that raising three children consumes, she is able to take time to enjoy camping, snowmobiling, volleyball, softball and scrapbooking.

"If it wasn't for medicine, maybe I would be a stay-at-home mom, at least for a little while!" Darcy considered. "So far though, I think medicine has been a perfect fit for me."