Ashton Osness, DPT

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Physical Therapy


University of Wisconsin – Madison; Doctorate in Physical Therapy


2805 Hunters Trail, Portage


“I really enjoy helping people achieve things they may not think are possible. Weather it’s getting someone out of bed for the first time after surgery, or taking steps after not walking for a while it is a great feeling to help someone accomplish these things.”

-Ashton Osness, DPT


Ashton Osness, Physical Therapist at Divine Savior Healthcare, graduated from physical therapy school from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 2013, earning her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She grew up in Merrill, WI and shares it’s a small town feel like Portage, although she feels Portage definitely has the advantage though by having Divine Savior and all of its resources available to the community.


“I think it is fantastic that all of the resources Divine Savior has are available to community, and they do not have to travel a great distance to have access to quality healthcare services. I also feel that the opening of the Wellness Center, with La Vita is a fantastic resource to the community,” states Ashton.


What Ashton enjoys most about the Portage area is the environment and the many fantastic outdoor activities you can do in the area. Outside of work, she is an avid crocheter and is always looking for a new project. If she wouldn’t have been a physical therapist, Ashton shares she would have been a zookeeper, specifically a panda bear zookeeper.


Ashton’s best advice is to “Treat every patient as if they were your own mother.”


She has always been encouraged by both of her parents to purse any areas that interest her, and they have always been supportive of her career choice. Choosing the profession she did, she feels she brings a positive and encouraging attitude to every patient encounter, and shares, “I always have a smile on my face no matter the situation.  There have been patients that joke I smile too much. I also always try to make my patient’s as comfortable as possible, whether it’s giving them some ice to help manage pain, or getting them a drink of water or a snack.”