Regular Exams can Help Men Avoid Health Issues

Let's face it – men often leave their health up to fate. Divine Savior Healthcare encourages men of all ages to avoid gambling with their health and see their doctor on a regular basis, not just when an accident happens or something goes seriously wrong.

General Surgeons at Divine Savior Healthcare, Dr. Eric Anderson and Dr. Joshua Pogorelec would like to reassure men of all ages that going to the doctor shouldn’t be something to be nervous or embarrassed about. “We decided to make medicine our career because we want to help people – regardless of their ailment or circumstances, we aim to make everyone comfortable,” states Dr. Pogorelec.

Dr. Anderson adds, “Unfortunately, we see a lot of hernia repairs, gallbladder surgeries, and colon irregularities in gentlemen that could have been prevented had they come to see us or their primary care doctor sooner.”


CDC data shows that 73 percent of adult men are either overweight or obese. “A lot of the conditions we see could have been prevented by maintaining a healthier weight and lifestyle,” states Dr. Pogorelec. For instance, a diet high in fiber—rich in fruits, veggies, whole grains, and water—will help you maintain a healthy weight. It will also keep your digestive system healthy, reduce the chance of constipation, and decrease your risk of a hernia, a common ailment for men that occurs when the soft tissue in your intestine protrudes through a weak spot in your abdominal wall.

“We see a lot of men who tend to overdo it,” states Dr. Anderson. If you want to prevent a hernia, it’s best to leave the heavy lifting to equipment best suited for it. For example, use a snow blower instead of a shovel this winter.  If you must lift something heavy, bend your knees, not your waist.  These tips will help prevent unnecessary hernias.

Keeping active and limiting the alcohol will also help maintain weight and limit your risk of gallbladder issues, GERD, heart disease, and certain types of cancer. If you choose to drink alcohol, do so only in moderation. That means up to two drinks a day for men age 65 and younger and one drink a day for men older than age 65. If you’re having trouble getting your exercise in, choose activities you enjoy, such as golf or brisk walking.

Lastly, Drs. Anderson and Pogorelec highly recommend seeing your doctor for regular checkups and screenings, especially colonoscopies. “It is important to discuss with your doctor the appropriate time for you to have a colonoscopy,” states Dr. Pogorelec, “while most men should have one at age 50, there are factors that may change that recommendation”. Dr. Anderson adds, “Men shouldn’t be afraid to come see us regularly for routine care, the earlier the better in almost all cases”.

If you do have a bothersome hernia, are experiencing stomach pain, or are due for a routine colonoscopy, the General Surgeons of Divine Savior Healthcare would be pleased to provide you a consultation to determine your treatment options. Call Dr. Eric Anderson and Dr. Josh Pogorelec at (608) 745-5176 to schedule an appointment.

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