Quilts Provide Comfort for Patients and Families

Pictured below are members of the Calico Capers Quilt Guild giving the quilts to Melissa Tennier. Pictured front, left to right: Pat Cook, Annette Nehls. Pictured back, left to right: Jane Oravetz, Sandi Barthel, Eileen Noegel, Judy Fulmer, Melissa Tennier, and Janis Proebstle. The group would also like to thank Grace Jones from Oxford who donated the four inch squares in the quilts made.

On October 27th, the Calico Capers Quilt Guild made their generous donation of hand crafted quilts to the Comfort Care Bags program at Divine Savior Healthcare.

Melissa Tennier, an RN on the Medical Surgical Floor at Divine Savior Healthcare, coordinates these collections as she leads efforts for the Comfort Care Bags program. This program was implemented on both the Medical Surgical Floor and Intensive Care Unit through a group called Transforming Care at Bedside. The Comfort Care Bags are distributed to patients and their families that are at the end-of-life and receiving comfort care.

Comfort care is care that helps or soothes a person who is dying. The goal is to prevent or relieve suffering as much as possible while respecting the dying person’s wishes. The hope for this program is to deliver the best possible care for patients and their families throughout the dying process.

Melissa shares how this process all started, “I read an article a few years ago how another hospital was using a “comfort cart”, this cart was for dying patients. It was eye-opening to see how we spend so much time and energy on crash carts and the emergent patients, but sometimes don't give the care and attention that is needed at the end-of-life, which is equally important. I submitted the idea to the Innovations Committee at Divine Savior and here we are!  My goal was to give something to the patient and their families that we care for at the end-of-life on the Medical Surgical Floor and ICU to have as a comfort during this very difficult time. From there I started contacting churches for donations of quilts.”

The quilting group is made up of members from Marquette, Sauk and Columbia County. There website is www.ccqg.org. There are also quilts donated by the St. Mary Catholic Church in Kingston, Wisconsin, and Sue Wendt from Kingston, Wisconsin has also personally donated quilts.


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