Divine Savior Healthcare Recognized for Efforts in Tissue Donation

Divine Savior Healthcare efforts to provide families with donation options and information have been recognized by the American Tissue Services Foundation ATSF.

According to ATSF Education and Development Specialist, Joyce Kratz, Divine Savior achieved a 50-percent tissue donation rate in 2016. This means that tissue was recovered on 50-percent of the medical center’s eligible donors.  Hospital staff also received training in tissue donation practices during the year from ATSF, its tissue donation partner.

Gifts of tissue—which include bone, skin, heart valves, connective tissue and veins—are used in more than 1 million surgeries routinely performed each year in the United States.

Many more people are eligible tissue donors than they are organ donors, Kratz says. Organ donation usually takes place when brain death has occurred, and transplants must be performed within a short time afterward. Tissue can be recovered within 12 to 24 hours of death and preserved for later use.

“Through its dedication and focus on increasing donation, Divine Savior Healthcare has made a tremendous difference in the lives of others,” Kratz says. “Donated tissue gifts save lives, as well as increase strength, mobility and independence for many, many patients.”

In honor of those who, in death, gave gifts of life to others and to those who care enough to walk the path of grief with them. Divine Savior Healthcare would like to recognize the following employees for their completion of the American Tissue Services Foundation Designated Requestor certification on April 13, 2017. They are certified to provide emotional support to families while assessing candidates for tissue or eye donation.

  • Bonnie Julson, ICU
  • Sarah Carroll, M/S
  • Marianne Mueller, M/S
  • Mindy Nelson, M/S
  • Cathy Heggesta, ED
  • Heather Lauter, ED
  • Brittany Tester, ED
  • Kyle Sadogierski, EMS
  • Cammie Quinn, Lab
  • Cindy VanBeek, ED
  • Lauren Zietlow, Education
  • Melissa Tennier, M/S
  • Traci Bartels, M/S
  • Tom Drury, Spiritual Care
  • Michelle Kreiner, ICU
  • Melanie McCambridge, Nsg Supervisor
  • Kathy Meincke, Nsg Supervisor
  • Sacia Parker, M/S
  • Angela Hinze, Nsg Supervisor

American Tissue Services Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to caring for families and helping them heal from the death of their loved ones. Accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks, ATSF provides a compassionate and knowledgeable team of education, recovery and quality systems professionals. The organization supports healthcare agencies, coroners, medical examiners and funeral professionals through donation education and training. ATSF also partners with other agencies dedicated to the innovative use of tissue in medical care and research. ATSF may be accessed online at www.atsfoundation.org

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