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General surgery covers a broad spectrum of surgeries ranging from appendix removals to hernia repairs and requires knowledge of the body system as a whole. Divine Savior’s surgeons understand this, so they don’t merely operate — they treat you prior to, during and after surgery, informing you of what to expect and making comfort a top priority.

Divine Savior’s team does whatever they can to make sure you don’t need surgery, utilizing preventive screenings like colonoscopies to find and treat the problem before it becomes too severe. If you do need surgery, we use minimally invasive techniques with a miniature camera known as a laparoscope that is inserted into the surgical site. This technology can be used to check for signs of cancer, to repair damaged organs such as a gallbladder or appendix and to treat reflux or colon cancer.

Scheduled surgeries are completed in one of our state-of-the-art operating rooms. Divine Savior’s superior amenities provide the space and equipment needed for your procedure, and as a certified trauma center, all of our general surgeons and their teams are extensively trained in emergency medical procedures should the circumstances arise.

Additionally, because we accept major insurance providers, you can self-refer to our convenient, local service.  We’ll pre-authorize any procedure, whether in-office or surgical, with your insurance company. We’ll also calculate any out-of-pocket costs you may incur.

Surgical procedures and treatments available at Divine Savior can be found under Treatment and Conditions

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Appendix removal

Breast biopsy

Breast cancer

Colon cancer


Gallbladder removal



Esophageal Manometry

Hernia repair


Breast Biopsy

Varicose veins

Polyp removal