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Having a wound that won’t heal can affect your whole life. A non-healing wound that hasn’t responded to conventional treatment within four weeks is a serious medical condition that requires specialized care. At Divine Savior Healthcare, we work with your primary care provider or referring specialist to manage wound healing. Our Physical Therapy Department can assist you and your provider in treating all types of wounds. We offer a complete wound care program that includes a certified wound specialist.


For treating non-healing diabetic foot ulcers we offer the FastCast OLS Total Contact Cast System. Offloading is a key factor in healing diabetic foot ulcers and a total contact cast system may facilitate improved offloading for these wounds. The FastCast OLS is the first total contact cast designed so clinicians can apply it while sitting rather than positioning patients on their stomachs. The cast is typically changed once a week and there is no wait to walk on.


Reasons for Use:

  • Diabetic, plantar or neuropathic foot ulcers
  • Post-operative care
  • Charcot Neuropathy
  • Pre-ulcerative conditions


Reasons to Caution Use:

  • Ulcers with signs of infection or involvement of deeper structures.
  • Ulcers that are deeper than they are wide.
  • Patients with vascular status not adequate for healing.
  • Patients with foot defects.
  • Patients with calf larger than 20.7 inches.
  • Patients with allergies to cast component


Vascular Management

  1. Compression Sock provides low level compression
  2. Padded Sock provides padding for comfort
    • two sock layers to aid in shear reduction
    • reduce the risk of skin soaking by tenting moisture into the socks
    • Bamboo charcoal yarn construction to the ankle provides moisture regulation, ideal for sensitive skin.


Infection Management / Prevention

  1. Hydrofera Blue Ready foam -cover dressing has broad spectrum antibacterial activity to help manage and prevent infection.
  2. Endoform dermal template as a primary dressing to aid in wound closure.


Pressure Relief

  1. ToeBoggan Footplate- can be custom cut to provide offloading. Curved end protects sensitive toe area and helps eliminate pinching or squishing due to pressure.
  2. Clamshell Cast- seven layer fiberglass construction for durability with an open toe design that allows for air circulation, important in assisting with moisture management.
  3. Cast Roll - additional strength and structural support.
  4. CAM Boot is extra wide for foot stability.


For more information, contact one of our wound specialists at Divine Savior Rehabilitation Services at 608-745-6290.


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