Divine Savior Healthcare president and CEO Mike Decker

Dear Community:

I come to you simply with gratitude.

One hundred years ago this community recognized that its health, economic prosperity and future could be dramatically and positively impacted by bringing to its citizens a hospital.

Our legacy begins in the spirit of collaboration as the $30,000 to build a brick hospital high on Prospect Hill was raised in a partnership between The Sisters of the Divine Savior, the community and the City of Portage. Our founding Sisters infused a spirit of selfless caregiving into that building and into those first employees and physicians. That same spirit has remained the thread that connects all of us to them over our 100 years and keeps us inspired to continue to collaborate to take care of your needs.

We’ve seen the theme of collaboration continue. As a community you have recognized needs and answered the call to invest in improvements to our schools, libraries, recreational opportunities and more. In the last 20 years alone, with your support Divine Savior has been able to invest in new facilities, including a hospital, clinics, Tivoli, The Wellness Center and La Vita.   These collaborative efforts have continued to make this community the best place to live and I hope you feel as proud as I do to be a part of it.

The fact is, Divine Savior Healthcare simply can’t be here without you. It is an incredible responsibility bestowed upon us to care for you and your family and we know you have choices.  If you have chosen to be an employee, volunteer, patient, resident or Board Member at Divine Savior Healthcare, please know that you have made a difference in our community. We believe that local community hospitals like ours are important to health, wellness and economic development. By supporting your local hospital you help us ensure that healthcare will always be accessible in the great community we are so very fortunate to call home.

Thank you for 100 years, and we look forward to seeing what we can do together over the next century.



Michael Decker
President and CEO



Sister Beverly Heitke

Dear Friends,

Congratulations as we celebrate 100 years of providing compassionate care in our Savior’s name!

Each person associated with Divine Savior Healthcare over the last 100 years has helped to reach this remarkable milestone: board members and administrators, medical and health care professionals, staff, volunteers, and friends and neighbors in Portage who entrust their health needs to you.

Perhaps the most amazing thing since Sisters of the Divine Savior founded 20-bed St. Savior Hospital in 1917, is how Divine Savior Healthcare has evolved as a living, breathing member of the Portage community. Especially in the last two decades, Divine Savior Healthcare has “wrapped its arms” around the people of Portage with community health services and education programs, school sports clinics, Tivoli assisted living services, and La Vita wellness programs.

A 100-year presence in Portage is significant. But as I look back, I know it’s really the relationships between the people serving and being served that give us the greatest reason to celebrate this year. The foundation of those relationships honors the dignity of one another. It shines through in Sam Bieno’s Blood Drive, The Partners in Healthcare Scholarship Program, Gift PTO, the Divine Service Recognition Program, and the Kidney Football League. Those are what mission moments are made of!

Thank you for making known the goodness and kindness of our Savior through your dedication to Divine Savior Healthcare as we begin the next 100 years!

Blessings in the Savior,

Sister Beverly Heitke, SDS

Provincial Leader

and the Sisters of the Divine Savior who so proudly sponsor Divine Savior Healthcare