The year 2000 started off with Y2K panic and ended with an unclear Presidential election. While we saw advances in the form of iPods, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, iPhones and DVDs, we also experienced the 9/11 terror attacks, the invasion of Iraq and Hurricane Katrina. At Divine Savior Healthcare, change was abounding. This decade saw the addition of a new clinic on Portage's north side, followed by a brand new, state-of-the-art hospital.

Portage's New Hospital

The beauty of the new Divine Savior Healthcare is indisputable. When entering the new hospital, you step into a light-filled atrium with a 75-foot ceiling and skylight.

Gardens both inside and outside of the building are part of the healing atmosphere. It has little resemblance to the old hospital on the hill in Portage, soon to be vacated.

Visitors to Portage's new Divine Savior Healthcare facility during the open house this weekend will have an opportunity never to be available again.




"We are happy to finally open our doors to the public. During the entire designing and building process, we worked closely with the architects and contractors to make sure our patients' input on quality care was considered."

– Michael Decker, Divine Savior Healthcare president and CEO, upon the new hospital opening




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