Sue Condon, PT

Divine Savior Wellness Center
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Physical Therapy


University of Kansas, Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Divine Savior Wellness Center
2815 New Pinery Rd, Portage


“You will  learn more about a person’s injury by listening to them. We have two ears and one mouth for a reason!”
-Sue Condon, PT

Sue is not in Kansas anymore, but when she was, she says it was a lot like Portage.

“I grew up in Belleville, Kansas. It’s a community of about 3500 residents, although I was raised on a farm just outside of town. It is like Portage with a rural hospital and everyone knows everyone,” Sue shares.

Sue’s interest in health care grew during her exposure to science classes in school. She particularly enjoyed learning about the human body. Her sister, a nurse practitioner, also influenced her to pursue a career in health care. After attending the University of Kansas, Sue acquired her Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy.

Sue, Director of Rehabilitative Services, enjoys her position at Divine Savior Healthcare. Her “get it done” attitude and positive viewpoint is an asset to the department. Sue also contributes her advanced clinical skills in pelvic floor dysfunction and visceral mobilization techniques.

“I do not procrastinate,” Sue explains. “If something needs to be fixed or changed, I’m the person to ask.”

Sue is confident that the rehab department at Divine Savior Healthcare is top-notch.

“We know what we do well and we know when to refer you out,” she says. “Our rehab department’s skills, expertise and compassionate care could be put up against any rehab department in the country!”

The department isn’t the only thing Sue likes about coming to work at Divine Savior Healthcare.

“I enjoy coming to work and doing what I do, clinical or administrative tasks every day. I’m most rewarded by helping patients return to something that is important to them and being part of that journey,” she tells us.

When Sue is not enjoying her career at Divine Savior Healthcare, she enjoys playing with and just being with her daughter and husband. Sue also enjoys golf and watching (and dreaming about what she sees on) home/garden TV.