Dr. Sheila R. Wilson, M.D.

Divine Savior Hospital
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Medical Imaging


Radnet/Beverly Radiology - Musculoskeletal Imaging

Medical School
Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, MI
University of Michigan
Beaumont Hospital - Oakwood Campus, Dearborn, MI
Board Certification
American Board of Radiology


Divine Savior Hospital
2817 New Pinery Road, Suite 1700


“I enjoy helping both patients and clinicians. The end goal for me is to improve care for patients whether it is through my reports or direct patient interaction. If I can help in anyway, my day feels satisfied.”

— Dr. Sheila R. Wilson

Dr. Sheila R. Wilson joins the Divine Savior Healthcare Radiology team with much excitement and passion. “Working at Divine Savior, I know the entire staff truly cares about the community. Everyone is devoted to offering premium health care and caring environment. Divine Savior really wants to offer the best care for its patients. That is the #1 goal,” shares Dr. Wilson.

She grew up in West Bloomfield, Michigan, a town not much bigger than Portage, and lived in Michigan throughout her schooling and residency. Dr. Wilson received her American Board of Radiology certification in 2012 and moved to California where she completed her fellowship in Musculoskeletal Imaging at Radnet/Beverly Radiology.

From her education she has one fond memory that she takes with her every day…
“During my training, I had a mentor who held a patient's hand for 45 minutes while the patient got their MRI done. The patient had severe anxiety and was extremely claustrophobic. My mentor taught me that a little compassion goes a long way in caring for and easing a patient. The study was completed, and the patient was very thankful for the time this physician spent with him. Even on a very busy day, a little time spent with a patient goes a long way.”

She has enjoyed her move to Portage as she likes the small downtown and how peaceful it is. “This area is so relaxing to me, especially after a long day. I really enjoy going for a walk outside or feeling the breeze with the windows open at night,” states Dr. Wilson.

Outside of work, Dr. Wilson loves traveling to new places, cooking, baking, exploring new restaurants, spinning, yoga, running, downhill skiing, and Orange Theory Fitness. Her other passion is caring for animals because of their unconditional love and support. If she was not a radiologist she would have been a veterinarian.

Dr. Wilson considers many of her family members as role models and a big reason behind why she became a radiologist. She shares, “They were influential in their dedication to patients and families. My uncle built the first NICU in Michigan, and I have always respected his work ethic and determination.”

Dr. Wilson herself has had many accomplishments, including chief resident during her residency, where she enjoyed having a leadership role and helping fellow residents in any way she could. Her advice to everyone would be, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”