Christopher Lins, PTA

Divine Savior Wellness Center
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Physical Therapy



Divine Savior Wellness Center
2815 New Pinery Rd, Portage


"I try to take time to truly get to know and understand the patient I am working with.  It's always a plus to find something we have
 in common. I feel as though I am better able to treat someone if I establish a common ground with them." - Chris Lins, PTA

Having gone through an injury himself at one point, Chris understands the first-hand the influence that a compassionate
therapist can have on a person's life. Not only in reclaiming someone's previous abilities, but in potentially influencing
career choices in young people.

"When I was 15 years old, I tore my ACL.  My awesome experience with my Physical Therapist influenced me to pursue a career in Physical Therapy."

Chris is an avid hunter, a Packers and Badgers fan, and a champion bass fisherman (and he can prove it!)

His best advice? "Stay positive no matter what the circumstances."